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Xavier’s Health Related Programs

Pre-med | By any measure, the pre-med program is among the nation’s elite. Its 81-percent acceptance rate for medical school applicants far exceeds the national rate of 47 percent.

Health Services Administration | The graduate program is ranked No. 1 among the “top business graduate schools for physicians” by Modern Healthcare magazine. It offers a dual-degree option with the MBA program and an integrated study option in health care mission with the Department of Theology. A proposal is also now being explored by the board of undergraduate studies for the development of an undergraduate honors program.

Health Industries | Xavier’s newest offering, health industries is a concentration within the MBA program. Begun in August 2010, it focuses on the business side of the health care field such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic equipment, physicians’ offices and insurance companies.

Nursing | With its growth, nursing expanded from a department into Xavier’s second school in 2009. It offers dual degrees with MBA, MEd and MCJ.

Biochemistry and microbiology | Starting in 2010, Xavier began offering minors in these two areas, which are the foundations of medical research.

Life Sciences | This offering within the Department of Biology works in conjunction with the Williams College of Business so biology majors can earn an MBA a year after earning their undergraduate degree.

Psychology | The program focuses on mental health, and includes Xavier’s only doctoral program, PsyD.

Occupational Therapy | The five-year program includes both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. It recently began a focus on geriatrics.

Athletic training | One of Xavier’s lesser-known majors, athletic training prepares students to be part of a sports medicine team.

Biology | In addition to being the core of the pre-med program along with chemistry, the department offers specific programs such as a major in medical technology and a minor in pre-physical therapy.

Chemistry | In addition to being the core of the pre-med program along with biology, the department offers programs such as pre-pharmacy and natural sciences, which are geared for those entering the health science fields.

Biophysics | Started in 2010 by the Department of Physics, the biophysics program is on the cutting edge of medical research such as how cells produce the electrical impulses that fire into the brain.

Radiologic Technology | The two-year associate’s degree program prepares students for careers in hospitals, clinics and private offices.

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