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Xavier: Turf and Time Upgrades

Xavier’s boys of summer were off for the fall, so the Department of Athletics brought in the sod squad in October to do some major renovations to Hayden Field. The crew ripped up the old baseball field and recrowned it for better drainage. It then laid down an all-new grass playing surface and built new dugouts. A three-foot brick backstop was also added from dugout to dugout behind home plate, with netting above it to protect the fans in place of the old chainlink fence. The $300,000 renovation was paid for with private donations.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the O’Connor Sports Center, the soccer teams got the chance to light up a new scoreboard—literally. More importantly, the players and coaches can now see it when it’s lit up. The scoreboard was relocated to the south end of the field where it can be seen from the benches. Previously, coaches had to step out onto the field to see how much time was left.

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