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All for Health; Health for All

Xavier sports teams are well-associated with the motto “All for one and one for all,” a call for unselfishness and teamwork coined by the Three Musketeers. That mentality has now found its way into the College of Social Sciences, Health, and Education. Earlier this year, Xavier received a three-year, $827,256 grant from the federal Health Resources and Services Administration to create a collaborative program among the various health-related programs within the college—nursing, health services administration, occupational therapy, special education, psychology, counseling, radiologic technology, social work, athletic training, educational leadership and human resource development.


The program benefits faculty by creating an intense faculty development curriculum for the fostering of interprofessional teaching skills. It benefits students by preparing them to teach, administer and practice using evolving technologies. And it allows faculty to travel to other universities to share best practices. It is expected that more than 150 students each year will participate.

“The Affordable Care Act means more access to care and increased opportunities to provide preventive services in the community,” says Susan Schmidt, director of the School of Nursing. “A health care workforce grounded in collaboration is best prepared to provide access to services across settings, to break down the silos of fragmented care and provide care in the least expensive environment using futuristic technology. This project substantially benefits underserved populations, rural populations and serves health care shortage areas.”

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