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Xavier Presents, 1952

What first began as a student-produced radio show in 1946 quickly took the leap to television a few years later. “Xavier Presents,” a half-hour show that aired every Sunday at 4:00 p.m. on WCPO-TV, included music, skits, interviews, campus news, sportscasts and comedy acts performed by University students and those from nearby schools, such as the University of Dayton, Our Lady of Cincinnati College and the University of Cincinnati.

The show not only provided a vehicle for the dancers, actors and musicians who performed but gave undergraduates the chance to practice behind-the-scenes skills such as script-writing and talent recruitment. Under the direction of student Jerry Thole, the 1952 lineup included vocalists Paul Palmisano, Mary Jo Dixon, Adele Gratch and Frank Sedler, a barbershop quartet known as The Four Flushers, The Starlighters Trio and pianist William Braun.

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