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Lin GuoHealth Services Administration
Guo is a professor of quality improvement in health care, teaching graduate students how to be successful at managing hospitals and health service organizations. Guo came to Xavier after earning his doctorate in industrial engineering from the University of Cincinnati. His lesson plans stress the building of critical-thinking skills through homework and class participation. His hobbies include photography and following sports.

Amit Sen
Economics and Human Resources

For most people, becoming rich requires a winning lottery ticket. For Sen, it simply requires having a good grasp of economics. As an economics professor at the undergraduate and M.B.A. levels, Sen gets his students working on that dream, and not by buying them lottery tickets. A graduate of North Carolina State University, Sen, who also teaches statistics, says Xavier is the “right fit” for him because of the focus of the Williams College of Business.

Lifang Wu
Operations and Entrepreneurship

Wu is one of the newest professors at Xavier, starting in 2004 teaching operations management. Wu says he likes Xavier because the student-professor interaction is easy with the small classes. A native of China, Wu says that students here, unlike those in China, have the opportunity to supplement their academics with part-time employment, putting what they learn in the classroom to work. Outside of Xavier, he enjoys spending time with his family.

Haiyin Anna Yu
Application Development

Have you ever become so frustrated with your computer that you were one pop-up ad away from traveling back into the dark ages of pencil and paper? This is not a feeling that Yu gets very often. Yu is in charge of the massive task of maintaining the computer Oracle databases for the University. If that isn’t stressful enough, at home she cares for three children ranging in age from 3 to 11 years.

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