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Bill Jones

Philosophy Jones, who has been at the University 35 years, teaches the courses Ethics as Introduction to Philosophy and Business Ethics, both of which are in high demand by students. Jones received his Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame and an M.B.A. from Xavier. He began teaching at Xavier in 1969 and said that he has learned from teaching thousands of students that “each class is different and the key to being a good educator is adapting to their style.”

Norman Berg

Psychology Berg, who has been at the University for 35 years, teaches classes in general psychology, abnormal psychology, and crime and personality. What keeps him coming back each day, he says, is the “close, personal and ongoing contact with his students.” Additionally, Berg says he believes that the faculty and staff at the University make his job even more enjoyable. His hobbies include music, art, automobiles and mechanical wristwatches.

Mary Papania

Bookstore Papania, who has been at the University 35 years, is the textbook manager and assistant manager at the bookstore. She talks to professors about what books they would like to have for their classes and then places their orders to the publishers. In addition, she buys books back from the students. When Papania has time to relax outside of the bookstore, she enjoys reading and is learning to play Texas Hold’em poker just for fun.

William Hagerty

Communication Hagerty, who has been at the University 35 years, is a communications professor teaching speech and film classes during the day and is a movie critic for the Cincinnati Suburban Newspapers by night. The message he tries to convey to his students is to “appreciate more than the technical skills in the art, such as the acting or directing, but it’s the messages in the art that hold its true beauty.”

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