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Helen Huber
Music Series
Huber, who is in her 30th year at Xavier, is a staff assistant for John Heim, S.J., the director for the Xavier piano, guitar and swing series. Together they coordinate and promote all of the music series events that take place throughout the year. Huber first came to Xavier in 1974 as secretary to the director for the parents club. She enjoys gardening and working in the yard when she’s not listening to piano, guitar or swing music.

Gene Beaupré
Government Relations
Beaupré, who is in his 30th year at Xavier, has several roles: He teaches a sophomore-level class in the political science honors program; he’s director for philanthropy; and he’s director for government relations. He says, “working in the political world gives great perspective on teaching students politics.” To escape the world of politics, Beaupré enjoys gathering with friends for bicycle trips, some of which span nearly 400 miles.

Joann Hazley
Dining Services
Hazley, who is in her 30th year at Xavier, began working at the University as a chef. Today, she is in charge of staffing, taking inventory and managing the finances for dining services. In 1999, her job became less chaotic when the dining center moved from the University Center to the Cintas Center, where space constraints are no longer an issue. Outside of Xavier, she enjoys spending time with her seven grandchildren and her friends.

Clint Schertzer
Schertzer, who is in his 30th year at Xavier, teaches courses on marketing research, marketing planning and analysis, and marketing strategy at the M.B.A. level. He says he tries to “instill the importance of a lifetime of learning, because then students will never become ‘out of date’ despite changes in the environment or field that the graduates are working in.” Schertzer also enjoys reading, skiing and scuba diving.

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