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Rosie Miller, O.F.S. Department of theology Mysticism isn’t antiquated, according to Miller, who teaches meditation theory and practice, spirituality and healing, and contemporary spiritualism. She is fascinated by dialogue between altered states of consciousness, meditation and science. This summer she’s teaching a “sacred pilgrimage” course in Italy. She’s also certified to practice one-on-one pastoral counseling and healing touch.

Sean Miller Department of athletics Miller is the men’s basketball team’s assistant head coach. He came to Xavier from North Carolina State “to be part of a tradition of winning and academic success.” His tenure has been very successful, exemplified by this year’s Elite Eight appearance. “The experience of winning in the NCAA tournament is an incredible high. Once you are part of that kind of success, you want it all the more.”

Georganna Miller Occupational therapy As academic fieldwork coordinator, Miller helps occupational therapy students find the practical experience necessary to graduate in placements as far away as Germany and Hawaii. She’s been with the department since its inception and is participating in its transition to a master’s program. A car enthusiast, she builds model cars, relishes her 1989 Corvette and aspires to drive from Chicago to L.A. on Route 66.

Daphne Miller McDonald Library Thespians, lend me your books? When Miller isn’t acquiring new materials, updating the collection or instructing people in bibliographic technique, she performs as a member of the College of Mount St. Joseph’s theater group. She is also an avid crocheter and Girl Scout troop leader. “I’ve been a librarian since 1982 and only one time have I had to ask someone to be quiet.”

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