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Robert Johnson
Physical Plant
As a maintenance specialist, Johnson has been helping keep Xavier’s residence halls immaculately clean for 15 years. A lifetime resident of Cincinnati, Johnson takes pride in his wife and three children; his oldest just graduated from Ohio State University, and his youngest is heading to the University of Dayton. When not at Xavier, Johnson likes to “work out, go to movies, spend time with my family—you know, just average guy stuff.”

Liz Johnson
Mathematics/computer science
Dedicated to furthering the advancement of women and minorities within technological fields, Johnson, a professor in the department of mathematics/ computer science, has spent her seven years at Xavier doing just that. She recently organized an academic camp for female high school students, promoting leadership in math and technology. She’s also actively involved at the O’Bryonville animal rescue, where she sits on the board of directors.

Heather Johnson
While working toward her doctorate in psychology, Johnson practices her therapy skills at the Sycamore House as a graduate assistant. She handles individual therapy sessions with undergraduates and conducts social skills classes at Burton Elementary. Having known she wanted to help people since high school, Johnson received her undergraduate degree at Xavier and hopes to stay in Cincinnati with her husband, counseling autistic children.

Jeff Johnson
Since 1996, Johnson has been serving as network engineer at WVXU. “This is a dream job,” says Johnson. “I’ve had an interest in electronics since the 1950s.” At WVXU, Johnson is responsible for the legal, reliable and efficient technical and regulatory operations. Along with radio engineering, Johnson is nearly finished completing a master’s degree in theology and is beginning a master’s degree in humanities.

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