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X Marks the Wedding Spot

Two or three times a week, couples call the Cintas Center and inquire about having their wedding receptions in the building’s banquet room. Once they decide to, the single-most common request they have, says banquet center director Jill Hanto, is to have their picture taken downstairs on the basketball court standing on the large blue “X.”

Frank Hernandez and Lauren Schiff did. So did 1993 graduate Molly Marburger and her husband, Patrick. “I really wanted to do something on campus because I loved my experience at Xavier,” Molly says. Hanto understands. “We are unique because we’re next to an arena,” she says. “It’s very clinical and athletic, but once you get in the banquet room, it’s elegant.”

One bride even kept her guests upstairs in the banquet center waiting. Why? She wanted to shoot some hoops in her wedding dress.

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