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Add Korea to the growing list of international destinations Xavier students can consider for study abroad. This year, 19 MBA students in the entrepreneurship program traveled to Korea and Japan to learn about global business and gain cross-cultural awareness. It was the second such trip for Xavier.

The two Asian countries were chosen because Japan has the second largest economy in the world and South Korea is an important trading partner with the U.S., says Daewoo Park, a professor in the Xavier Entrepreneurship Center who coordinated the trip.The students visited Korea’s Demilitarized Zone as well as several corporations in Japan and Korea including Hyundai Motor, ACNielsen, Samsung Tesco, Costco Korea, Sony and Toyota.

Alumni chapters in Korea and Japan hosted events  for the group, which helped make both the inaugural and second trips a success, Park says. Next year, the Williams College of Business is offering to send 20 undergraduate students to Korea and Japan on a two-week summer study abroad trip. Park says the Entrepreneurship Center will offer the trip to Xavier alumni and members of the business community as well.

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