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Women’s Business

Businessmen have long had their “old boys’ network.” Now it’s the women’s turn. The M.B.A. Women’s Association was launched in the fall and already boasts 70 members. They include M.B.A. students and graduates, says Angel Elvin (above), an M.B.A. student who has spearheaded the effort.

She began by surveying more than 500 female students and alums about what they want to see at Xavier. The answer was more women’s events, more networking for women, more female speakers and a greater sense of camaraderie .

“We’re a typical M.B.A. program with about 35 percent women, so we’re underrepresented,” Elvin says. “Our main goal is to recruit women applicants and help them along.”

M.B.A. director Jen Bush says the association helps meet the college’s goal to increase enrollment of women in the program and expand services available to help women network and build careers. But this group has learned from the good old boys what not to do. Though the topics focus on women’s issues, men are welcome to attend and even join the group.

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