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Bellarmine and Bollman

When Richard Bollman first walked through the doors at Bellarmine Parish, most of today’s Xavier students weren’t even born yet. That was 20 years ago. Two decades.

That’s a long time to do anything, much less the same thing. But for Bollman, that’s been his life since 1992—pastor of Bellarmine Parish. That, however, is changing. In January, Bollman is taking a sabbatical and beginning a new, still-undecided phase of his ministry.

“This all feels coherent and timely for me personally, but also a little theoretical as yet,” he wrote to his congregation. “I have very few ideas about 2013 as yet. I’m expecting things to fall into place.

“As a Jesuit, I have not lived through many changes in ministry: In 1980 I left the University of San Francisco to become the director of the Jesuit Center at Milford [Ohio]. In 1992, I became pastor here. At each move I was lucky to have some time off to close out responsibilities and catch up with myself. That’s happening again now. And beyond my own need to appreciate the chance, I believe we can expect a good transition at Bellarmine, leading both to continuity and fresh approaches.”

Dan Hartnett, S.J., is taking over parish responsibilities. Hartnett spent nearly 20 years in Lima, Peru, in pastoral leadership and university education before, most recently, serving as pastor of Blessed Trinity Parish in Waukegan, Ill., in suburban Chicago. He also taught philosophy at the University of Loyola Chicago.

Watch a video of Bollman talking about Holy Week, Easter and Easteride.

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