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When Pigs Fly

Jerry Hoffman turns 74 years old this winter, but he still can give anyone a run for their money. Literally. For 27 years, Hoffman has run daily, competing in short races and even a half-marathon. But after he decided to sell his share in his company, Morgan Hoffman Insurance, and go into part-time retirement, one might expect he would put his feet up and rest or at least slow to a jog.

Instead, Hoffman stepped up the pace. He joined 10 other men in his age bracket and ran in Cincinnati’s Flying Pig marathon last spring.

And not only did he complete his first 26.2-mile race, but he finished with a time that qualified him to run in the Boston Marathon in April.

“I had in mind trying to run it in the 4 hours and 30 minutes [needed to qualify],” Hoffman says. “I was hopeful of doing that, but I didn’t know if I’d be able to. I knew when I got to mile 20 that unless something went terribly wrong I would qualify. And I finished with six minutes to spare.”

He kept his plans to run the Pig quiet to prevent friends and family from worrying, but that won’t happen next time. Come April, his wife plans to be in Boston cheering him on.

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