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A Superior Gift

What looks nice with a black suit? How about a blue and gray Xavier hat—the flat bill variety, of course, so it’s stylish as well as fashionable.

That was what business professor Tim Kloppenborg thought in March, anyway, when he met with Adolfo Nicolas, S.J., the Superior General of the Jesuit order, during a Colleagues in Jesuit Business Education conference in Rome. Kloppenborg is president of the CJBE’s global faculty group. Some of Kloppenborg’s colleagues teased him for upstaging them by presenting Nicholas with the hat, but Father General was quite happy to be the owner of the second nicest hat in the Vatican.

Mostly, though, Nicolas was happy with the efforts of the business faculty. “Father General encouraged us to use technology to expand our reach and encouraged networking in many forms,” Kloppenborg said. “He also said ethics education is so critical—even saying business without ethics is a disaster. He wants education to be in greater depth and wants our graduates to be better people, not just better at business. And he has great respect for creativity and would like our graduates to change from thinking about work as a job to thinking of it as a vocation.”

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