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Weekend Degree Graduate Fulfills Personal Goal

When he began classes at Xavier, Robert Limoseth set a unique goal for himself—he wanted to graduate with a better GPA than his daughter had when she graduated college. Not only did Limoseth achieve this goal when he graduated summa cum laude in May, he also completed the Xavier weekend degree program in just two and a half years.

For Limoseth, it was a goal long sought after and recently fulfilled. “In my life, I’ve done most of the things I’ve wanted to do, just not in the right order,” he said. After attending classes at Drake University and the University of Cincinnati, he left school for the workplace, later becoming a vice president and regional manager of Deluxe Check Printers. When the company downsized, though, it rekindled his desire to return to school.

As nontraditional student, Limoseth initially had some misgivings when he began the weekend program in August 1998. His concerns, though, were quickly put to rest. “I really enjoyed the program and the interaction with other adults,” he said. At last May’s graduation, he received a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts with a concentration in business administration.

Limoseth is also a history buff and an amateur Civil War historian, currently serving as treasurer of the Cincinnati Civil War Round Table. Since graduation, he has spent the summer traveling around the eastern United States visiting family and Civil War historical sites while he decides what is in store for him.

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