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Wedding Band

The Xavier bands of the late 1980s made great music—in more ways than one. Sparks flew among the musicians whenever they got together, and half of them ended up, um, getting together. In the course of four years, 12 couples who met in the band ended up getting married.

“There was something in the water,” says band leader Norman Parr. “We should have never gone to New Orleans.”

The bands back then were known for having fun. “Those bands were just made up of the most incredible bunch of extroverts,” says Parr.

There hasn’t been a group that has formed so many duets since then, but Parr is hopeful. This year, several band members are traveling in pairs, including juniors Cathy Kalla and Sean Plummer. They met as freshmen through the band and started dating this fall.

“I wouldn’t have met him otherwise,” says Cathy. But, she insists, she’s only wedded to her music—for now.

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