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Washington, D.C.

When various marches, protests or national celebrations don’t interfere with their 14-game season, members of the Washington, D.C., alumni chapter can be found playing softball in front of the White House lawn or next to the Washington Monument.

Interestingly, chapter president Mike Hanpeter, a 1996 graduate, says that Xavier basketball games helped spread the word about the newly formed softball team. “Our chapter got together and watched every basketball game on television, which was a lot,” he says. “That was a good way of getting people out—and once they’re out, you can give them any information you want.”

The 29-person team, coached by 2001 graduate Mark Zedella and 1993 graduate John Turner, plays weekly against alumni chapters from other schools. Sponsored by the Capital Alumni Network, teams often gather at the Bottom Line pub after games to socialize.

Hanpeter believes that these types of activities, in addition to the chapter’s community service opportunities and cultural events, help strengthen ties. “Those sorts of things help the alumni network really function as it’s supposed to,” Hanpeter says. “Thus far, it’s made the chapter really healthy.”

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