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Washington Bound

What better way to spend your summer when you’re into politics than in an internship with one of Washington’s power brokers? Four Xavier students managed to do just that thanks to their involvement in the University’s Philosophy, Politics and the Public honors program.


Erin McDermott was in House Majority Leader John Boehner’s office for six weeks this summer. Boehner, himself a Xavier graduate, put her to work on several projects such as appropriations, education, defense, the budget and immigration, and she wrote summaries of the hearings and floor votes she observed. She spent the second half of her summer studying in London.

Other students had equally impressive experiences. Brian Cantwell spent half the summer with Sen. Mike DeWine and the other half with Congressman Steve Chabot. Kate Holley also worked in DeWine’s office. Greg Koehlerg was with Congressman Brian Higgins of New York. And three students—Jessica Wabler, Mark Manning and Kevin Hoggart—interned in the local offices of Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory and the Clinton County administrator in Wilmington, Ohio.

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