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Upon Further Review

After more than a year of intensive reviews of all programs within the University, some changes have been made relating to national alumni association events.

The most prominent change is the elimination of homecoming as a single event. Most of the events that comprised homecoming, however, are still taking place. The athletic hall of fame banquet, for instance, is being coupled with an All For One club event in January. The Edgecliff pancake breakfast is being moved to another venue. Some constituent programs are becoming part of reunion weekend.

The change was brought about as a result of several factors: Financially, budgetary belts were tightened throughout the University. The event didn’t draw as many out-of-town alumni as hoped, other events were available to attract area alumni back to campus, and basketball games were becoming difficult to schedule.

The change will enhance other well-established alumni programs, says association executive director Joe Ventura.

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