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Xavier magazine profiles a lot of interesting people who continue to lead interesting lives after we’ve profiled them. Or is that because we’ve profiled them? Whatever. Here’s the answer to those haunting questions: Whatever happened to…? and Whatever became of…?


Cheetah Visit | In the Summer 2012 issue, Xavier magazine included a photo feature by business professor Mark Frolick of cheetahs he’s taken at a local farm where the Cincinnati Zoo unleashes its cats and lets them run around, stretch their legs and act like the lightning-fast hunters they are genetically coded to be. In April, the Zoo brought one its youngest cheetahs, Savannah, to campus for a little meet-and-greet with business students. Xavier’s director for photography, Greg Rust, was on hand and captured the visit.


Back Overseas | When Xavier magazine last visited men’s basketball players who were playing professionally overseas in the Spring 2006 issue, Justin Doellman was heading into his senior season and Derrick Brown was getting ready for his first year at X. For one season, they were a dynamic duo. Brown was flashy with acrobatic dunks; Doellman was calm and rock steady from the outside. Today, they’re still playing together, just on opposite sides of the court. Brown’s father forwarded a picture of the two—Brown for a team in Russia and Doellman for a team in Spain—before a recent Euroleague game. More than 20 recent Xavier players are playing—or have played—professionally overseas. Romain Sato, who was the focus of the previous article, is still playing and went on to win two league titles as was league MVP while playing in Italy.

Strong Wills | Xavier has two Pulitzer Prize winning authors among its alumni, including Garry Wills, whom Xavier magazine featured in the Winter 2012 issue. Wills has never been one to shy away from a challenge, writing extensively on both religion and politics. He just released a new book, “Why Priests? A Failed Tradition,” which he discussed with Stephen Colbert on the Colbert Report in February.

Still Dreaming | In the Spring 2012 issue, we profiled Bernard Pastor, a freshman who became the national poster boy of the Dream Act—the immigration reform effort that bounced around Congress like the proverbial hot potato. With the elections behind us, the issue has once again started bouncing, and Pastor has once again found himself in the news, this time as the lead to a story in the Huffington Post on Feb. 5.

Tax Advice | Each year at this time, pencils get sharpened, numbers get crunched and stress levels rise. Why? In a word: taxes. Xavier helps relieve those who get taxed by taxes through its VITA program—the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program. Under the watchful eye of accountancy professor Priscilla O’Clock, accounting students fill out the 1040 forms for low-income residents in the region for the astonishing charge of nothing. That is, for free. A local TV station recently picked up on the story. In the Spring 2005 issue, we asked O’Clock for some free tax advice. Here’s what she offered.

Peace and Honors | Benjamin J. Urmston, S.J., the 86-year-old director emeritus of Peace and Justice at Xavier, is getting his due. First, the Church of the Resurrection in Bond Hill, Ohio, honored him with its MLK Keep the Dream Alive Award in January for embodying King’s ideals and working for equality, justice and Christian charity. Earlier, the Cincinnati Chapter of the NAACP presented him with its Fair and Courageous Award as a public servant who performs fairly, impartially and courageously and publicly recognizes professionals demonstrating fairness and courage. He was profiled in the Summer 2006 issue of Xavier magazine. And, even though he is now retired, Urmston is still promoting peace, writing in November 2012 on the Tikkun magazine website about war and peace.

Picture This | In the Spring 2011 issue, we profiled Tim Niehaus, an MBA grad who currently just finished serving as president of the Ohio Senate—term limits bumped him out of public service. Still, he was recognized for his role with a painting that will hang in the Ohio Senate Chamber. The Portsmouth Daily Times had the story.

DiUlio moves to Mt. Graham | In Spring 2008, Xavier magazine wrote a story on the Jesuit Observatory that sits atop Mt. Graham in Arizona. The observatory was moved from the Vatican to the desert Southwest by George Coyne, S.J., who joined as an astronomer in 1969 and was appointed its director by Pope John Paul I in 1978. On Jan. 1, 2012, Coyne is retiring to teach astronomy and establish a lecture series on religion and science at LeMoyne College in Syracuse, N.Y. He is being replaced as president of the observatory by a familiar name to the Xavier community: Albert DiUlio, S.J. Father DiUlio was president of Xavier from May 1986-August 1990 when he left to become president of Marquette University. Most recently, he was secretary for finance and higher education at the USA Jesuit Conference in Washington, D.C. Founded in 1891, the Vatican Observatory demonstrates the Church’s desire to embrace, encourage and promote scientific study, on the basis of her conviction that ‘faith and reason are like two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth.'”

Turner’s Time | Way back in the Summer 2002 issue, we profiled Khary Kimani Turner, a 1992 communication arts graduate who spent his days as a writer for the United Way in Detroit and his nights as a poet and freelance writer for national hip-hop magazines. Crain’s Detroit Business offered an update on Turner: He’s now executive director of the Coleman A. Young Foundation.

Extra, Extra | In the Spring 2011 issue of Xavier magazine, we had a photo of the new George Clooney film, “The Ides of March,” being shot on campus. As it turns out, not only can you see Xavier in the background of the movie, you can also see some Xavier students. Ellen Bauer, a junior majoring in finance and economics, got called to be an extra in the movie and shared her story on

More Cards | In the Winter 2011 issue of Xavier magazine featured Karen Gladstone and her yearlong adventure to expand her horizons by combining 52 playing cards, 52 friends and 52 weeks. Each friend got a card on which they wrote a challenge that she has to perform over the course of a year. She documented her adventure on her website, and the idea caught on to the point she began offering Karen on Deck Kits to anyone else so adventurous. One of the takers was MBA student Caroline Keating, who started in April with The Caroline Challenge.

Helping the World Over | The Summer 2010 issue of Xavier magazine included a story about Ben Krause, a 2003 graduate who was working in Ethiopa with the Catholic Relief Services. He’s since moved on to another part of the world in desparate need of help, Haiti, where he’s the program manager for CRS’s community resettlement and recovery program. Public Radio International’s The World included Krause in a story on the rebuilding efforts.

Scoring Big | How did one pre-med student overcome a disability and get into Xavier? Great grades, hard work and an ability to impress Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis. Armand Cann is a freshman this year at Xavier with the goal of becoming a surgeon. In order to help pay his way, he applied for a scholarship from the Marvin Lewis Community Foundation. All of the scholarships were already filled for the year, until Cann interviewed with Lewis. That changed everything. The coach and the future doctor were the subject of a profile on

Lake Effects | The Spring 2009 issue of Xavier magazine included a story about 1999 graduate Sara Elizabeth Timmons, who started her own production company and has produced more than a dozen independent films. At the time, she was planning her next movie, “Lake Effects.” The film aired on the Hallmark Channel in May 2012 and stars actress Jane Seymour. The Roanoke Times did a story about the movie being filmed.

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