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Trees and Trucks

First came the new low-watt light bulbs, then efficient washing machines and hybrid cars. Now everybody is looking for new ways to go green. Carter Johnson and Henry Link have the latest suggestion: green moving. Johnson and Link’s new eco-friendly moving company, EkoMovers, is designed to help people move more sustainably.

It’s no front. When the moving team (which includes many Xavier alumni) shows up at your door, they are dressed in smart powder-blue uniforms made from bamboo fiber. They arrive in a truck powered by bio-diesel, which reduces carbon emissions by an EPA-estimated 78 percent. They wrap your valuables in Geämi Wrap—a recyclable paper-based package cushioning so sustainable it comes with a reusable umlaut. They transport your belongings in “EkoBoxes”—green plastic containers that require no tape and have a much longer lifespan than their landfill-bound cardboard counterparts.

What’s more, EkoMovers plants a tree for every customer that solicits their business—physically plants a tree, in a neighborhood park or green space. “It’s our most noticeable touch,” Johnson says.

Johnson and Link started their company last year while they were still earning their bachelor’s degrees in business by selling recycled cardboard boxes to businesses and individuals. When they saw an opportunity to “green” the moving industry, they knew they’d found their niche.

“We saw that people are constantly looking for ways to be more environmentally conscious,” Johnson says. “Sustainability is becoming more of a standard than a trend.”

Johnson and his crew have been busy moving all summer. He’s waiting to see what the winter has in store, but he’s hopeful about expanding the business—first into the greater Midwest, then into nationwide franchises.

“Business is really good for us right now,” Johnson says. “We’re laying the bricks for the future.”

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