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The Way It Was: 1940

When they weren’t on the field, the court or the mound, Xavier athletes could be found socializing with one another through the Varsity “X” Club. Membership was limited to students who had earned a letter in an intercollegiate sport, which made for pretty small numbers. “However, with a lot of pep and cooperation, we are able to make up in spirit what we lack in number,” reads an excerpt from the 1940 Musketeer yearbook.

The club sponsored the annual homecoming dance and the popular Neophyte Week or, more commonly, “Hell Week,” when present members subjected candidates to a grueling initiation process.

The club’s main purpose, however, was to promote fellowship and community among its members. After graduation, the athletes were automatically enrolled in the Graduate “X” Club, a larger and more active association. This allowed alumni to keep in contact with former teammates and with the University.

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