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The TRiO Program Helps Students Adjust

Student support services (a.k.a. TRiO) provides individualized services in areas such as financial assistance, academic coaching, personal mentoring, access to laptops and more. Through workshops that target student needs such as test anxiety, note-taking, goal-setting and others, a student’s transition to college life is made more comfortable. Our success is measured by student preparation for either a post-baccalaureate education or a career.

I didn’t go to college and my student is a first-generation student. Who will show him/her the ropes? Students like this participate in the student support services (TRiO) program, an educational program funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

My student received a Pell grant for financial aid, but it isn’t enough. Is there more money available? If you meet financial guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Education, you are eligible for SSS (TRiO) and we can provide financial assistance.

My student son/daughter is challenged due to a learning disability or a physical disability. Where can they receive help?Our mission is to provide an academic, social and personal support system for participants. Students with a verifiable disability are eligible for our personal mentoring services as well as a link to the learning assistance center.

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