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The Right Chemistry

When chemistry lab instructor Vimala Majeti and her husband, Satyan, say they believe in higher education, they really mean it. And they back it up. With money. To the tune of $50,000.

After all, it was the generosity of others that helped them along their path. Financial assistance allowed them to come to the United States from their native India. Scholarships and awards let them attend the University of California at Los Angeles. Aid in the form of teaching and research assistantships allowed them to continue their education.

So now they’re giving back in the form of an endowed scholarship to benefit chemistry students. It took five years for the Majetis to contribute the minimum $25,000 for a named endowment, which they built through personal donations and a matching gift from Procter & Gamble, where Satyan is a scientist.

The Majetis plan to continue donating to the fund until it reaches at least $50,000. “Personally, it makes me very happy,” Vimala says. “We really believe in higher education.”

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