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Ask and you shall receive. At least that’s what some graduate-level alumni did when they saw the new alumni ALL Card, which was mailed to 29,000 undergraduate alumni last year. Starting Oct. 1, the national alumni association is offering the same card to master’s alumni on an on-demand basis.

“It’s not a credit card,” says Joe Ventura, executive director for the national alumni association. “The functionality, though, is tremendous.”

The alumni ALL Card, which carries benefits on a wide variety of products from auto insurance to gift certificates, now includes discounts on Ticketmaster, and Ventura predicts that off-campus access to library databases and real estate relocation services will soon follow.

“This program is usually offered through other alumni programs for a fee,” Ventura says. “We’re one of the few to offer this for free.”

To obtain your card, which takes four to six weeks to arrive, visit

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