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The Longest Year

A white banner with three blue stars hangs in the front window of Mary Staun’s Cincinnati home. One star for each of her three children. The 1972 Edgecliff graduate, who earned a master’s in education in 2002, endured about 12 weeks when all three of her children—and a son-in-law—were stationed in Iraq. Her youngest child is still there.

William went in October 2002 as an Army tank gunner and participated in the attack on Baghdad. He suffered a severed artery in his arm when his gun exploded but returned to the front lines after four days. Her son-in-law, Mack Sutton, shipped out in January 2003. And in February, her oldest daughter, Rosemarie, joined him.

They all returned during the summer and were home for Christmas. But her youngest, Peggy, began a one-year deployment in March. Staun did not want them all there at once, but they wouldn’t let her petition the government to keep some of them at home. So she “put it in the hands of the Lord.”

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