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The Indianapolis 100,000

The Indianapolis chapter is taking a little of the burden off the office of admission. The chapter established a scholarship fund to act as a recruiting tool to help the University attract future students and, in turn, future alumni from Indianapolis. Scholarships benefit Indiana high school students, and the chapter has raised more than $100,000 since the fund’s inception in 1995.

With declining numbers at its annual golf outing, however, members had to find a new way to raise money. This year they hosted an annual dinner in the atrium of the Eli Lilly Corporate Center in Indianapolis, which drew about 85 attendees.

The evening included guided tours of the Lilly archives, a raffle and an address from Ali Malekzadeh, dean of the Williams College of Business. And even before diners tucked into their chocolate mousse cake, the chapter had raised more than $3,500.

“The dinner was a huge success,” says chapter president, Jim Pike. “I would say this was the best function the Indy club has ever hosted.”

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