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The Gift of Caring

With the shortage of nurses in America, there seems to be a growing number of places that offer nursing education. Sure, those kinds of places can train people how to take blood pressure and draw blood, but there’s more to being a good nurse than the technical skills. That’s why Xavier’s nursing program takes a holistic approach to its curriculum. In Ignatian terms, they teach students how to care for the whole person in addition to their immediate medical needs. It’s a different approach, and it pays off. And in some cases, it literally pays off.

Earlier this year, the University’s development office opened an envelope from the Millner Family Foundation near Chicago. Inside was a check for $1,000 and a note directing it to be used for the nursing program. It seems a member of the Millner family gave birth to triplets after just 30 weeks, and one of the primary nurses in the neonatal intensive care unit at Prentice Women’s Hospital was Jennifer (Brewer) Bartels, a 2003 cum laude nursing graduate.

“She is truly a testament to Xavier University and the nursing profession,” the note accompanying the check read. “I hope this small donation can help educate other nurses, who can provide the comfort and care Jenny did for us.”

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