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Enhancing Jobs with a Black Belt

The Department of Management and Entrepreneurship in the Williams College of Business is taking a page out of the popular Six Sigma business development method by creating a similar black belt program, but this one is geared specifically for entrepreneurship. It’s the first such program in the nation.

To be awarded a blue or black belt, students submit applications about their experience managing or starting a business and meet four qualifications: high academic achievement, positive faculty recommendations, their project’s impact on the college and a

comprehensive interview.

A committee of faculty and two management and entrepreneurship board members, who are also Six Sigma black belts, judged the participants’ work in the program’s first year. In April, the seven winners were awarded three blue and four black belt certificates. A blue belt is for those who manage a business. Black belts are reserved for those who start up their own.

“Students gain preparation for their future and confidence and understanding how to survive in the business world,” says Daewoo Park, department chair. “It’s very challenging.”

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