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The Art of the Game

The Cincinnati Reds’ new baseball field, Great American Ballpark, includes a Xavier touch. Greg Rust, the University’s director for photography, is also the Reds’ official photographer and shot the biggest project of his life for the team—a 42-by-180-foot photo that stretches across the entire back of the scoreboard.

“It was the worst shoot of my life,” says Rust. “I had two hours to do it, had to set up my equipment in the back room of this memorabilia store and had to use a camera I’d never used before because of the size of the picture. I think it worked out well, but it was a lot of pressure.”

What added to the pressure was the historical significance of the picture. The bat and ball are the ones Pete Rose used when he collected his 4,192nd hit and became the sport’s all-time hits leader. They were borrowed from a sports collector in Cincinnati, where they had to be unlocked from a glass display case.

“The ball we handled with cotton gloves so we didn’t smudge the autograph,” says Rust. “But the first thing we did with the bat was pass it around and take a few swings.”

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