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The 30-Year Plan

Bruce Sommers was determined to finish his degree, but, darn it, success just kept getting in his way. Sommers started his collegiate career in 1967 at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, but left as a junior to work for R.J. Reynolds. There, business travel and promotions soon overwhelmed education, and his pursuit was put on hold. In 1987, though, Sommers had a change of many hearts. He quit smoking, quit Reynolds and landed a job in Cincinnati. By 1995 —at age 49—he decided to get that ever elusive diploma. His persistence finally paid off in 1999—a mere 32 years from when he started—with a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts. Now Sommers, vice president of sales and marketing for Cincinnati’s Berman Printing Co., is eyeing graduate school. But that, of course, is a long-term goal.

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