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Telly Time

They can be serious, silly, irreverent. Whatever the assignment, Xavier’s television center seems to be turning heads at a neck-wrenching pace. The studio racked up six awards in the past year, including four Telly awards and two Aurora Gold awards. One of the first-place awards was for an upbeat piece produced totally by students for the Cincinnati Art Museum.

“It shows how well they’re shot and how creatively they’re edited,” says center supervisor Bob Turner.

One of this year’s other noteworthy videos was produced for the Hamilton County courts that walks potential jurors through the county’s trial system. The video was made at the behest of Cincinnati CAN—the group formed after the 2001 riots to address issues of racial disparity.

A CAN committee chaired by University President Michael J. Graham, S.J., partnered with the Cincinnati Bar Association and the center to produce a video. Two Xavier students worked on the video. That’s the type of experience that turns an electronic communications degree into reality TV.

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