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It’s the coach’s job to inspire the players, but that doesn’t mean a player can’t inspire a coach once in a while.

John Streibich, a freshman on the University’s golf team, comes to Xavier from St. Thomas, V.I., which gave coach Doug Steiner the idea to do just the opposite—give the team a taste of the U.S. Virgin Islands by hosting the first St. Croix Collegiate Classic at the island’s Carambola Golf Club.

Held during spring break, the men’s tournament is March 5-7 and the women’s March 12-14.

“I wanted this to be a national event,” Steiner says. “We hope this will develop into something good for the school.”

The Golf Channel is broadcasting the event, which features 15 teams—the Air Force Academy, Ohio State and Penn State among them. Steiner says he hopes the tournament will become an annual event for top university golf programs.

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