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Teen Drama

[one_third]Nothing could seem more mismatched than an old radio drama and teenage students. But on a Friday afternoon in April, there they were: eight teenagers in the WVXU studio, putting on an old-time radio show with its entertaining, light story line, comical voices and collection of odd noises—a door opening and closing, a phone ringing, water being poured, clopping hooves and footsteps.[/one_third]

While the eighth-graders had a good time, they got much more out of it than fun. McKinley Elementary principal Melody Dacey says the play gave students a reason to come to school every day, brought them together, boosted their self-esteem and improved their reading.

WVXU director Vickie Jones says the project was prompted by a $50,000 grant from the Dater Foundation. WVXU came up with the idea. Each student received a copy of the recording, and WVXU gave the school $500 for student activities as well.

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