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Teaching Value-based Leadership

One of the basics of business is to give the people what they need. So that’s exactly why the MBA program created a new concentration in values-based leadership. In today’s society, where values often get set aside for higher profits and scandles have become almost commonplace, trust seems to have become a casualty of the corruption.

While traditional MBA classes touch on values and ethics throughout, the new concentration goes beyond the basics. It’s an interdisciplinary program, bringing in faculty from around the University to teach various issues—leadership, values-based decision-making, corporate responsibility, sustainability. One course on internantional ethics even includes a study-abroad time in London.

Led by Ann Marie Tracey and Paul Fiorelli, co-directors of the Cintas Institute for Business Ethics, the concentration teaches students how to develop strategies inclusive of all constituencies and stakeholders in an organization, the community and the global environment.

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