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Taxing Time

For the fifth time, Xavier’s tax team of four undergraduate students entered the Deloitte Tax Case Study National Competition and came out a winner. This time, the team racked up a fourth honorable mention, which netted the University a $1,000 scholarship award and $100 for each student.

Held at Ohio State University in October, the regional competition named a top team and a second place honorable mention after competing teams worked on solving a complicated tax case. The top six winners in the country went on to the finals in Orlando in November. Xavier won the regional once, in 1997, and competed in the finals. But this time, the team had to settle for being one of the top 10 in the country, says accountancy professor Priscilla O’Clock, the team’s coach.

“These students are in competition against top schools across the nation, and it’s really a credit to our students that we have scholars able to compete against any program in the U.S. and do well,” O’Clock says. “The whole purpose of the program is to stimulate interest in a career in taxation, and students that do it learn a lot and tell me it helps them down the road in passing the CPA exam.”

She added—and she wasn’t joking—that taxes can be fun. “It’s not easy to make it fun and exciting, but we try.”

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