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Taking on the World: Duathlon Dude

Buzzbuzzbuzz. Bruce Miller’s alarm sounds. His hand fumbles around until he finds it and shuts it off. It’s 4:30 a.m. At a time when most people simply roll over, Miller rolls out of bed and begins gathering his gear.

It’s Monday, which means he’s on the bike. He pulls on his skin-tight gear, shoes and helmet, and meets up with his cycling buddies for a ride through the suburban streets for an hour and a half.

miller But this isn’t just some casual exercise. Miller is in training. The 1989 MBA graduate is the director of the Xavier Leadership Center by day but an athlete by middle-of-the-night. Miller is a “duathlete,” a lesser-known cousin to the better-publicized triathlete. A duathlete runs for 3.1 miles, rides 12.4 miles, then runs another 3.1 miles. It’s fast and intense. And Miller does it well. How well? World-class well.

In April, he qualified for the Duathlon World Championships by finishing sixth in his 50-54-year age group, which put him on Team USA. This year the World Championships was in Ottawa, Canada, in August. Miller’s goal was to finish in the top 10 among Team USA’s 18 members. Which he did, finishing in 1:05:00, 10th for Team USA and 17th overall.

He was happy with his performance, but he isn’t turning off his alarm just yet. He still plans to train—cycling on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, running on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday—at the same predawn hour. It not only allows him to be at his desk by 8:30 a.m., it also fits his personality, which he says is marked by a desire to achieve. “I have to achieve something every day,” he says. “My endurance training helps.”

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