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Sword Play

There’s a new Musketeer appearing on campus these days. His cape flares, his head cocks. This hip swashbuckler has a little more flair, a style that says “cool” and “courageous.” The new guy with the Zorro-like swoosh is the latest logo for the University’s athletic programs and comes with the theme: A Cut Above.

“We wanted to incorporate into that new theme a more definitive edgy graphic of the Musketeer,” says associate athletic director for marketing Greg Amodio. “The athletic images of the Musketeer are very static, so we decided to capitalize on the sword aspect and we came up with A Cut Above, which can mean anything—better than you, or the best of the best.”

The new logo for the men’s and women’s basketball season—and most other Xavier sports—also brings with it a new philosophy. Rather than hunting for a new theme each year, this one will be used for several years. It was rolled out quietly in September, showing up on souvenir cups, game schedules and posters. Soon it will appear on T-shirts and other items.

“It’s a beefier, more attitudinal kind of Musketeer, more muscular with a more Marvel Comics look to it,” Amodio says. “It’s a positive image to use across all our sports. It’s something we’ll be able to hold on to for five or six years.”

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