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Sweet Reading

Some people have gardens for a hobby. Some a workshop. Tim Sassen spends his spare time writing and publishing children’s books. Specifically, he publishes The Cherry on Top, a 48-page story he wrote about the importance of friendship, the wonders of young children and how everything in life has a purpose.

The 1987 graduate, who spends his non-hobby hours as director of instructional technology at Loyola Academy in Chicago, doesn’t profit from his hobby, though.

Instead, he sends the proceeds from the sale of each book to Xavier’s annual fund.

“I’m happy to let people know that I don’t make a dime off the books,” he says.

The books, which are $20, are hand-assembled, come in hardback or paperback and include an audio CD of children reading the different parts in the book. They are available on his web site,, and with some information about who the book is for, he’ll even sign each copy.

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