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Survey Says

Each year, the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) surveys college students nationally about their college and academic experiences. It then compares the results in its book, A Pocket Guide to Choosing a College. They surveyed 735 Xavier students who ranked their experience as both better and more rigorous than other master’s-level schools and all other schools on nearly every question, and better and more rigorous than other Jesuit schools on about half the questions. Some of the results:

To what degree is studying and spending time on academic work emphasized? Xavier (88%), Jesuit (84%), Master’s (77%), NSSE (79%).

Do students participate in activities that enhance their spirituality? Xavier (44%), Jesuit (32%), Master’s (27%), NSSE (31%).

Are students satisfied with their overall experience? Xavier (94%), Jesuit (88%), Master’s (85%), NSSE (86%).

Would you choose this school if you could start over? Xavier (88%), Jesuit (83%), Master’s (80%), NSSE (82%).

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