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Last spring’s annual fund appeal included a brief survey inviting alumni, parents and friends to share their thoughts on the University’s yearly fund-raising effort. The University received more than 500 responses as well as several letters offering detailed comments on everything from heartfelt thanks for Xavier’s impact on their lives to suggestions as to how the University can better serve its publics.

Here are the survey questions and answers:
If you are a current or past donor to the annual fund, what has prompted you to donate? Forty-seven percent of respondents said they donate because they want the University to do well, while 46 percent gave because they feel indebted or morally obligated to Xavier. Only 7 percent gave for the tax benefits. Wrote one respondent: “I want to help future students be able to receive a quality, Catholic education at a reasonable price.”

If you are not an annual fund donor, why not? 
Forty-eight of non-donors said they were more interested in other charitable causes while only 8 percent said they were no longer interested in Xavier. Many responded that they didn’t give now because of personal circumstances—graduate school, tuition for children, new babies, new jobs, etc.—but intended to support Xavier in the future. Eleven percent don’t give because they don’t believe Xavier needs the support.

If you have not donated to the annual fund, what would prompt you to do so? 
Fifty-five percent of the respondents said they wanted more information on why Xavier needs donations and how the University spends the donations it already receives. Twenty-nine percent said they would be more willing to give if offered greater flexibility in determining what their gifts support.

What could Xavier do to better serve you? 
Responses were evenly split between a desire for more career-related support, continuing education opportunities and social opportunities. Annual fund staff members and selected alumni leaders are planning to respond in greater detail to the points, concerns and suggestions raised in the survey responses. Your input, feedback and support are appreciated and can be given at any time at 513 745-1030 or

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