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Student Search Goes Global

Lisa Wendel is going hunting on two continents this fall. Her prey: smart students. Armed with a passport and admission applications, the University’s director for international recruitment is spending two weeks in South America in Sept-ember, followed by a three-week, six-country jaunt to Asia. The excursions are part of the office of admission’s push to increase the Univer-sity’s cultural diversity. Currently, just 1.4 percent of Xavier students are from outside of the United States.

The office began targeting Latin American countries in 1999 as its inroads into international recruiting. The countries have a strong Catholic presence, but aren’t flooded with other universities competing for the top students. Last year, two of the 10 new international students enrolled as a direct result of the push; this year four new students can be traced to the efforts. The recruiting trip to Asia will be the University’s first formal recruiting effort there in at least 10 years.

While recruiting costs to such distant locales are greater than they are regionally, attracting one new student covers the expenses, says Wendel. Plus, the University gains in diversity and international exposure.

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