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Student Philanthropy

The student philanthropy program, under the direction of the Dorothy Day Center for Faith and Justice, awarded $11,000 in grants to nine local nonprofit organizations this year. The students in the program, which is embedded into four academic courses, spent a semester researching, studying and working with selected groups around a particular social issue before deciding how to award the grants.

The courses and their award winners were:

• Introduction to Environmental Science; Granny’s Garden School, Turner Farm and Greenacres Foundation.

• Theological Foundations; Interfaith Hospitality Network and Interfaith Business Builders.

• Medicinal Chemistry; IV-CHARIS and F.A.C.E.

• Health Services Administration; Visionaries and Voices, and Winton Place Youth Center.

Since beginning the program in 2002, a total of $151,000 in grants has been awarded to 94 organizations, with 870 students involved.

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