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Stellar Speaker

It’s not uncommon for teachers to receive an apple, except for the kind Tom Hayes received. His was made of crystal.

The professor of marketing became one of just a handful of people internationally to receive a crystal apple from the Council for Advancement and Support of Education—the largest association related to higher education in the world. The apple was in recognition for being a “stellar speaker” at 10 or more CASE conferences. At the end of each conference, the attendees rate each speaker, and those who average at least a 4.5 on a five-point scale for 10 conferences receive the award. Hayes, whose specialty is the marketing of higher education, spoke at his first CASE conference in 2002 and earned his apple in Edinburgh, Scotland, in August.

And not only is he good, he’s cheap. He’s done all of the conferences for free and even stayed in dorm rooms instead of hotels on several occasions.

“The whole purpose of CASE is to advance the field of higher education and help other people,” he says. “So not only can I help others, but I get to travel around to all these great cities and meet a lot of other people in the field.

“Then, if I need help with something, they’re almost always there. That’s really helpful because it’s like Mark Twain said, by the time you need a friend, it’s too late to make one.”

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