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Spike Support

Attendance for the University’s women’s basketball and volleyball teams is spiking upward. Since moving to the Cintas Center three years ago, attendance for the two teams has more than doubled. And it’s proving to be a big help.

“Its intimidating for the other team,” says volleyball coach Floyd Deaton. “You come into a nice arena and you have to face the biggest crowds in the A-10. It gets to the point where opposing coaches complain. I don’t mind that.”

It’s also helped spur unprecedented success. The volleyball team is 32-3 in games in the Cintas Center. The basketball team is 35-7 at home, and has packed as many as 6,800 people into the stands.

The teams are also getting a little help from the men’s basketball program. Associate athletic director for marketing Greg Amodio says the success of men’s basketball—and the increased revenue it generates from season ticket sales and corporate partnerships—allows the University to spend more money promoting its other teams.

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