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On a typical summer evening, Karl Mueller is at BAT for the Milwaukee Brewers. With a computer in his lap, Mueller manipulates the baseball analysis and tracking (BAT) system to record every pitch of a game on the West Coast. Mueller, 24, is a scout for the Major League Baseball team, a position he was offered after interning with the Cincinnati Reds. “The Brewers wanted to do away with the scout on the road, and so I was hired to create the same thing for them as I did in Cincinnati,” Mueller says.

The program uses a database, which Mueller turns into scouting reports on the teams the Brewers play. A high school player, Mueller, who earned his master’s degree in education and sport administration in 2003, once kept statistics on major league players as a hobby.

“My grandpa says we’re taking the fun out of it,” Mueller says, “but they’ve still got to make the pitches. They’re major leaguers, but they’re still human.”

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