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Receiving a scholarship often plays a large role in a student’s decision to enroll. Xavier offers a wide range of scholarships, including:

  • Endowed scholarships: Xavier has more than 100 endowed scholarships, which are named after the donors who created them. The scholarships vary in value. The minimum requirement to create an endowed scholarship is $25,000, which generates approximately $1,000 annually.
  • Academic scholarships: Xavier offers six academic scholarships—St. Francis Xavier, Chancellor, Trustee, Schawe, Presidential, National Merit—that range from $13,000 annually to full tuition.
  • Service Awards: The Xavier Community Engaged Fellowship is a four-year scholarship valued at $18,000 annually that’s awarded to 10 first-year students who demonstrate leadership of initiative in community engagement or service.
  • Multicultural Scholarships: Xavier offers two multicultural scholarships—Migel Pro and Francis Weninger—to students who are committed to the promotion of diversity in our society and who demonstrate leadership in the classroom, on campus and in the greater community.
  • Departmental Scholarships: Xavier offers departmental scholarships for business, chemistry, classics, history, math, modern languages, physics, nursing and Honors Bachelor of Arts.
  • Performing and Visual Arts Scholarships: Xavier offers four scholarships for music and performing arts, ranging up to full tuition.
  • Alumni Scholarships: Xavier offers four special alumni scholarships: the Edgecliff Alumni Awards, the James E. Hoff, S.J., Scholar award, the Indiana Alumni Scholarship and the Legacy Scholarship.
  • Special Scholarships: Xavier offers two special scholarships: The Broering Scholarship and the Benjamin D. Urmston Family Peace Studies Scholarship.

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