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Reunion Weekend

Every year at reunion weekend, Xavier tips its hat to its alumni, but this year attendees got a special treat when the 50-year alumni ceremoniously tipped their 50-year-old straw hats to the University. When they were seniors at Xavier, the men had the hats specially made, sporting a white and blue band above their brims and an inside lining that read “Xavier, Class of 1953.”

One such alumnus, Bill Charles, doesn’t remember how the idea for the hats came about but does recall most of his class wearing them to their senior prom. Far more remarkable than their origin is the fact that Charles and a handful of his classmates preserved the hats well enough to wear them to this year’s event.

“They looked kind of beat-up, just like us,” Charles says. “Most of us had been off in the service and all around, but wherever we lived, we were able to hang on to them as a memento of our days at Xavier.”

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