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As the luncheon for Edgecliff College alumni drew to a close during reunion weekend, 1974 graduate Michael Schooner rose, tapped on his glass and asked for everyone’s attention. He had an announcement. He said he was asked by Edgecliff alumni coordinator Joan Thompson to be a class liaison for the event, and had called a former classmate, Pam Futvoye, for help. She agreed to help, and in the process of working together the two rekindled their friendship—in a new way.

“In the recent months,” Schooner said, “we made a startling discovery that we’re really in love with each other.”

He then turned to Futvoye and in front of the entire lunch crowd asked her to marry him. She said yes. The two became friends their freshman year, but Futvoye later transferred and eventually moved to New York. They kept in touch for the past 34 years, but things didn’t progress until they started working on reunion weekend.

“It put us in a perfect position,” says Schooner. “It was like a light going on. It probably couldn’t have happened until now.”

Knowing that she was coming into town for the reunion, Schooner says, he wanted to make the visit special. “It was kismet—all these things were falling together as they’re supposed to happen,” he says. “You couldn’t have written a script better.”

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